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Backing Up WordPress Website and Avoiding a Panic Attack

Backing Up WordPress Website and Avoiding a Panic Attack

In this article, I explained my website "nightmare" which occurred this past week and why I think backing up WordPress website or any other website is important.  Backing up your website is critical and as you continue to read, I have provided some tips...

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Guest Post

If you would like to guest post here, feel free to send me an email. Topic of interest:  affiliate marketing, small business trends, online marketing trends or tactics, product launches, I am looking for original content which you have not previously published...

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Why a Digital Marketing Strategist?

A digital marketing strategist leads the way for a business to achieve, define, develop, implement, and manage its digital channels and tactics with best use and practices of the Internet for growth objectives.

To define the objectives, an initial audit is done by the digital marketing strategist to assess the business digital assets and of its competitors.  Working closely with marketing and brand strategist, a web presence and online marketing strategy is initiated.

A clearly defined roadmap then is focused on implementation of all the relevant digital channels and tactics (i.e. websites, content marketing, networking on social media, e-commerce, search and social advertising, SEO, marketing automation, apps, media/blogger outreach, etc.) into one actionable plan.

To implement the plan, you must have a written digital marketing strategy.

Having a written digital marketing strategy is SMART for businesses.  On the other hand, what is a digital strategy anyway?

According to VistaCampus.gov, “digital strategy is the process of translating an organization’s goals into a plan that will create an effective digital marketing initiative by:

  • Listening and respondingdigital marketing strategist
  • Bridging brand experiences
  • Engaging your audience
  • Activating new relationships”

As more people turn to the Internet for information, companies are realizing they need to shift as well.  Technology helps us to stay connected to the people and causes we care about.

  • How important is it for you to have a digital marketing strategy?
  • Is online marketing right for your business?
  • Is your audience active online?
  • Are your marketing resources better spent elsewhere?
  • Are you looking to expand and engage new users?

Your answers to these questions will determine if a digital market strategy is right for you.

Actionable Steps in Digital Marketing Strategies

To be effective in your digital marketing strategy, you need to develop actionable short-term goals that are specific and measurable.   For example, you may know that you want to get more visits to your website, but can you say how many? You may want to gain more customers, but can you pinpoint by what percentage, or through which channels?

Developing a good strategy will assist you in reaching the goals you need to hit online, enabling you to measure what’s working and what isn’t, and make the necessary changes as you split-test in certain cases.

Without specific short-term goals, it’s harder to know exactly what you need to do online, and later to measure how successful you are in your digital campaigns.

What is your core message? If you can’t articulate your company’s “Why,” it will be very difficult to create a digital marketing strategy.  Knowing your “Why” will help you build a much easier digital strategy.

Jacklyn Flowers, your digital marketing strategist  has the expertise in helping businesses with their online marketing campaigns from managing social media, social media advertising including Google AdWords, Facebook advertising to providing search engine optimization (SEO) services.


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