In this article, I explained my website “nightmare” which occurred this past week and why I think backing up WordPress website or any other website is important.  Backing up your website is critical and as you continue to read, I have provided some tips on  how you can avoid a nightmarish scenario.

What happened?

While updating my website, I accidentally deleted a few core files.

After deleting those core files, I made the decision to delete the entire website because I knew I had created a manual backup the previous month.  To do the manual backup, I used a free FTP solution called Filezilla.  If you haven’t tried Filezilla, its a great resource to have in your tool kit.

I think Filezilla timed-out.

Backing Up WordPress Website Database

Using my hosting service, I transferred my website database and WordPress content onto my laptop.  Unfortunately, I may have missed the timed-out message from Filezilla because all of my files didn’t download successfully. That’s a problem!

As a business owner, I’m sure you know how important it is to have a functioning website.  I immediately took steps to get my website back up again.

First, I contacted my website developer because the website is fairly new.  He and I worked together to recreate some of the lost data.  While the website is not completely 100%, its a work in progress.

Do you backup your website?  If you don’t, I would definitely encourage you to start today.

You can backup your website data using several ways such as contacting your hosting company (Hostgator, Godaddy, Bluehost, etc.), manual backup with Filezilla, WordPress plugins, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and other third party companies.  In the video above, I discussed some options.

I’m sure you don’t want to lose clients and lost revenue because you failed to backup your website.

Here are five reasons why backing up WordPress website or any website for that matter is a necessity:

1. You are responsible for your backups not the hosting company
It will cost you.  Check with your hosting company about their service plans on backing up your website.

Some will have a free solution to backup your website for day or week  but in the event you get hacked, you don’t have a fallback but to pay the hosting service fee to restore your website.   The other route you can take is signing up for their paid plan.

backing up wordpress website


2. Your original website backup is outdated

When you continue to update your website with fresh content such as text, videos, and images, you should backup your website.  Backup data from a year ago won’t help you if something happens to your website in the case of website hacking.

Why Backing Up WordPress Files are Important

Website hacking is very common with WordPress.  Plan ahead and protect yourself with backups on an external hard drive and local computer.

3. Be Proactive
You need your website up quickly to avoid lost income and potential clients.  When you have a previous saved backup, you can immediately upload it and be back in business in a hurry.

4. Peace of mind.
Knowing you are covered whether it be with your hosting service, third party, WordPress plugins, manual uploading, etc., will give you the peace of mind that you have the latest version of your website.  You have options to backup your website on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Choose the options that’s best for your  business model.

5. Virus Protection
In addition to having your hosting service backing up your website, I would suggest you backup your own files manually using Filezilla or something similar.  You never know during the backing up process by your hosting company, your website files got hacked and may be corrupted with  viruses or malware.   Web hosting services don’t tend to proactively run virus and malware scanners against your website.

To conclude, I hope you enjoyed watching the video and got a few tips on why its important to back up your website.  Its no fun when you find yourself attacked by website hackers or corrupted files and have to build your website from scratch.

Have you updated your website lately?

Take action today and backup your website.











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