What is your goal with content marketing?

Do you want to…

Generate leads?

Expand customer base?

Increase brand awareness?

Build an engaging online community of users?

Whatever your goal, whether to generate leads, make a sale, or increase brand awareness, you got to be able to tell a story.

Become a great storyteller with your digital content marketing assets without pushing people to buy your product or service.

The new form of content marketing is not about direct sales but rather about building trust and rapport with your audience.

Forbes said in its article here that the way products and services are marketed these days is entirely different from the marketing of our grandparents’ or even our parents’ youth.

Absolutely agree 100%!

Promoting Content Marketing to Baby Boomers

On a side note, as you promote your product and service through content marketing, pay attention to promoting to baby boomers.

It’s worth noting too that businesses and startups are not promoting to baby boomers according to a recent article by Entrepreneur Magazine and are missing out on an opportunity.

Many new businesses and startups are making the decision to not promote their business to baby boomers. As a result, they are missing out on an opportunity to reach an audience of more than 76 million people in the U.S. alone.


Whenever we hear the term baby boomers, our minds immediately think of grandmas and grandpas living in retirement. But it’s actually quite the opposite. According to studies, many baby boomers are now launching startups and becoming entrepreneurs instead of retiring.

In fact, 23 percent of entrepreneurs in 2014 were older than 55. This is exactly why B2B marketers should have a content marketing strategy targeting baby boomers. They are your ideal customers. Via Entrepreneur.

You should incorporate a content marketing strategy to attract and transform your potential customers with sharing invaluable and free content.

Let’s talk about great content marketing examples.

Kia Soul Turbo video campaign, Thriller.

Kia delivers content marketing swagger for its upgraded Soul Turbo.

kia soul turbo

Source: Flickr

No surprise that the company has some of the best video content marketing campaigns out there both epic and hilarious.

Why is that?

Every video shared by Kia tells a memorable story.

Short, funny and sweet!

Kia is doing a fantastic job at using creatives to engage its audience.

As an example, Kia featured its upgraded Soul Turbo in an ad titled, Thriller.

The video ad is about a hamster delivering up a healthy dose of mischief and chaos.

But World Branding Forum sums it up best…

The creative opens with a young nurse making her maternity ward rounds when she detects an empty bassinet.

Bursting into the hallway, she is joined by other staff members in a futile attempt to catch the newborn hamster and minimize the chaos he leaves in his wake. From the rooftop, the youngster leaps off and uses a make-shift parachute to safely land on the street below where a Turbo Soul is waiting.  Via World Branding Forum.

See for yourself! Watch below or you can view it on YouTube.





Kia and Content Marketing

Years from now, Kia will continue to benefit from the views on YouTube and online review blogs such as Car and Driver and Motor Trend.


kia youtube


This hamster is too cute!

Kia content marketing videos are way too funny! Watch more of Kia videos here.

Think about this for a minute.

When you share your story, don’t you want people to sit up, listen, and understand? Content marketing is about telling your story whether you watch it on videos, television or read it on blogs, and so forth.

Some major brands are very successful at communicating and connecting with their audience by way of storytelling.

If you ever feel the need for some additional creative ideas, look at these top 32 influential marketing brands.

Great storytellers change lives!

I can also include individuals present and past like Darren Hardy, Tony Robbins, and Wayne Dyer to name a few who speak or have spoken about personal development and success in business and life. These men have inspired millions of people around the world.

Check out the video below on Darren Hardy at the Beach Body Summit. 





Storytelling is nothing new, it has been the cornerstone of our existence.

storytelling content marketing                                                                                                   Source: Wikipedia


Digital Approach to Content Marketing

Advances in technology has changed the game for organic search strategies. Back in the day, it was common to take your top performing keywords and incorporate them into existing content. Add to that, you might use your title tags for linking outreach.

That kind of covered your SEO strategy, right?

Guess what! Not anymore…

Don’t get me wrong, keywords are still important. Less emphasis is placed on organic search by more successful brands because of the advances in digital communication. These brands target their customers and interact in ways impossible a few years ago. Knowing their customers’ habits, brands have approached their strategy from a digital standpoint.

Today, you must think about the digital habits of your audience, their expectations and go through the customer journey. You want to meet them where they are.

Where to start?

According to Content Marketing Institute, you should develop a content marketing plan.

At its core, your content marketing strategy is your “why.” Why you are creating content, who you are helping, and how you will help them in a way no one else can. Organizations typically use content marketing to build an audience and to achieve at least one of these profitable results: increased revenue, lower costs, or better customers. Via Content Marketing Institute.

Customers use their digital habits to engage with brands and for that reason, brands must be at the forefront to meet their needs.

So, where is SEO in all of this?

You must think of the customers first and how they interact with your brand digitally.

Let me share five content marketing tips on how you can boost your SEO digital strategy.


1. How well do you know your customers?

If you don’t know your customers already, you can start by understanding their needs, problems and how you can solve their issues. For one, you can develop insightful and creative messages that will resonate with your customers. Connect with them on an emotional level.

Use your messages in your paid, organic search and implement them into your digital marketing channels such as social, video, and other traditional channels.

Keep in mind, Google is more concerned about how people interact with your message rather than you just adding high performing keywords into your content for your search optimization strategy.


2. It’s Not Only About the Click

While getting clicks are important, that’s not the only factor. If you are receiving visitors from the search engines, it pays to ensure visitors are interacting with your content.

click here digital marketing

Search engines are more interested in the customer’s interaction. What are visitors doing on your website? Are they finding the answers once they arrived? What about them exploring and spending time on your website? If they click and move on quickly to another website, you have a problem.

You can use a tool such as Google Analytics to help you answer these questions and fully appreciate the buyer’s intent.

If you are starting this journey, its okay. It will take time to adjust your strategy to meet your customer’s needs.

Just remember with your content marketing strategy, you want to keep their attention. In return, the search engines will reward you in the search results.


3. Be Original in Your Content

Content is king but you got to be original whether you are distributing a video, image, short or long-form copy. It can be challenging to create content but the more you create, the better.

An alternative to coming up with original content, you can curate. Just remember to give proper attribution for other people work. What you don’t want to do is curate all the content. Feel free to add your own thoughts to boost your voice when you curate.

Just for your information, the use of longer articles tends to garner more authority and traffic. I recommend you write between 1200-2000 words based on what I am seeing these days. Keep in mind, digital content marketing is always in a state of evolution.

As more customers read your content on mobile devices, its best to break up long paragraphs, add photos, captions, bullet points and call-outs where necessary to improve the visual flow.


4. Optimize Content for Mobile

Today, people are on the go. We read our emails, search the web, play video games, and watch videos from our mobile devices. As more and more people spend time on mobile devices compared to watching television, Google uses as a ranking factor, the mobile friendliness of your website. Give your customers what they want by providing great content for them to read on mobile.

mobile content marketing


5. Voice Search, the Next Big Thing

Recently, I met up with a client. I noticed his use of voice search. He didn’t for a second typed or called anyone but instead, responded with his voice. Our lives are so active such that Siri, Google Voice Search, and others are becoming a necessity.

Your content should be conversational in nature by focusing on natural sentence, structures, and phrases. As technology continues to advance, voice search will become more important.

You can use Schema markup (HTML web coding) which provides alternative information for search engines to find your product reviews, method of payment accepted, and hours of operation when customers activate their voice search looking for your products and or services.

I hope you can see the benefits of content marketing strategy for your site or your business.

Start with a plan!

Remember, you’re not alone.

To reach your audience, create personalized content to reach the right audience and tell the greatest story.

Let me know how it goes.



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