Name: The Conversion ProsThe Conversion Pros


Price:  7 days free trial, then $50/month after that

Owner: David Dubbs

What is The Conversion Pros?

The Conversion Pros (TCP) is a set of tools used to generate leads and sales for any type of business.  It doesn’t matter if you have a carpet cleaning business, real estate, network marketing or software company, you can use The Conversion Pros system to create landing pages with backgrounds from still images to video backgrounds and incorporate the company’s autoresponder.  The potential is limited less on how you can use the tool.

You can use TCP all-in-one system to set-up email marketing campaigns, sending out text messages, and creating beautiful landing pages.  If you are familiar with Lead Pages and Landing Page Monkey to name a few, these platforms allow you to create landing pages, however, they are expensive but, yet very much dependent on an outside company’s email marketing platform.

The Conversion Pros Free Trial

Using Conversions Pros, you don’t need to sign-up with another email marketing company.  As I mentioned earlier, it’s an all-in-one system to promote your business.  You can add your own autoresponder like Aweber or Get Response.

Get Stunning Landing Pages with The Conversion Pros

Conversion Pros provides you all the tools to get you up and running quickly. The training on how to use the tools are remarkable.  You can duplicate or create stunning landing pages and build a huge list to target your prospective with the use of their share codes.

To increase sales and leads, Conversion Pros helps you to effectively create sales funnels to reach your targeted audience.  As people continue to search online for things they need or want, you are in a unique position to capture those leads and Conversion Pros has been developed to do just that.

Who is the Conversion Pros for?

Conversion Pros is for the non-technical person.  Let me repeat that, for the non- techie person.  You can get the training on how to create a capture page and set-up your autoresponder right in your back-office of The Conversion Pros.  Because The Conversion Pros was created for the non-technical person, the company has ready-made capture page templates and autoresponder messages set-up for you to get started quickly.

Granted, you can use a Get Response for your capture pages and autoresponder then set-up a website and used plug-ins but The Conversion Pros takes care of all of that in one system.

The Conversion Pros is about saving you time and headache.  You can start to use the system at your own pace.

Pros and Cons of The Conversion Pros:


  • Lots of Good training
  • Facebook community support
  • No technical skills are necessary
  • No coding/HTML
  • $50/month


  • No video creator software

The Conversion Pro Free Trial Offer- Full Free Access for 7 Days without a Credit Card

Risk free access for 7 days. You can test drive Conversion Pros  without using a credit card or PayPal information.  So, the risk to you is absolutely ZERO.  Should you decide to remain and gain access to all the tools and training inside the system, you will pay $50.00 per month thereafter.

The Conversion Pros 7 Days Free Trial

Other platforms are charging much more and offering less compared to The Conversion Pros’ system.  The good news is there are no upsell or additional programs you must purchase.

Training with David Dubbs on The Conversion Pros Platform

David Dubbs, the founder of The Conversion Pros has packed the back office with walk through videos you can watch on how to create sales funnel, as well as educating you on how to use all the tools.  You can become overloaded with information but with The Conversion Pros, you can take your time and learn at your own pace.   In addition to videos in your dashboard, you can watch weekly training webinars.  So, you know, you can use The Conversion Pros to market your business solely or you can become an affiliate partner.  As an affiliate partner, it’s at your discretion.

What Features Are Included in The Conversion Pros?

You can also share your pages and/or email series with others. They could be partners or people interested in becoming a Conversion Pro affiliate. Here are some tools you can use as well…

  • Lead Auto-dialer – Upload your leads and the software will call them.
  • Tiny URL Creator – Make you long links short. (Google likes it)
  • Capture Page Creator – Learn how to build a capture page.
  • Marketing Videos – Create marketing videos of yourself.
  • Invoice Creator – Create custom invoices to send to your customers
  • Mobile Site Builder – Create a mobile website to use as a virtual business card.
  • Voice Message Broadcaster – Record a message and send it to all of your lead’s phone numbers.
  • And more…

Do You Get The Conversion Pros Autoresponder?

Yes, you do.  The Conversion Pros Autoresponder is included at no extra charge.  If you want to add your own auto responder like Aweber or Get Response, you can do that without an additional fee.  The autoresponder comes with share codes, email broadcasting at a 99% deliverability rate using 9 dedicated mail servers.

The Compensation Plan of The Conversion Pros

You can earn as an affiliate of The Conversion Pros $25 for every person you signed up.  So essentially, if you sign up 3 people, you would earn $75.  Every month, you earn $75  because  it’s based on membership     As you continue to get more people to sign up, your earning keeps growing.

How Much Does The Conversion Pros Cost?

For 7 days, you can test drive The Conversion Pros system absolutely FREE, then you will incur a monthly cost of $50/month after that.

The Conversion Pros Affiliate Program

For the affiliate program you get 50% commission on each monthly sale. If you get 3 people to join The Conversion Pros, it takes care of your monthly payments. However, if they cancel their membership at any time, you will not be compensated.  Keep you focus on introducing people to this awesome platform.  The cost is worth it because of the abundance of tools.

How is The Conversion Pros Facebook Community?

You can receive tremendous support from the Facebook community.  Apart from the online community, you can submit a support ticket within your back-office area for additional help.

My Thoughts

As an affiliate of The Conversion Pros, I highly recommend this system for businesses and entrepreneurs who prefer to do their own marketing.  The platform has an abundance of support and training from everyone in the community from top leadership right down to the members.  The support is very much evident in the Facebook community.

The Conversion Pros

Having tools in your arsenal is very important on the Internet.  The Conversion Pros is no exception.  It is a  must have tool to create beautiful landing pages to capture leads.

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